Pre-Install Hardware ChecklistΒΆ

This is the minimum hardware that must be acquired to install SecureDrop:

  • 2 computers with memory and hard drives to use as the SecureDrop servers.
  • Mouse, keyboard, monitor (and necessary dongle or adapter) for installing the servers.
  • Dedicated physical computers for the Admin, Journalist, and Secure Viewing Station that can boot to Tails. At minimum this is 2 computers.
  • Dedicated airgapped hardware for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor (only if you are using a desktop for the Secure Viewing Station).
  • Network firewall.
  • At least 3 ethernet cables.
  • Plenty of USB sticks: 1 drive for the master Tails stick, 1 drive for each Secure Viewing Station, 1 drive for each Transfer drive, and 1 drive for each admin and journalist.


For additional details, please read the full document on Required Hardware for SecureDrop.